Semi-OT: Big Ten, Pac 12 will not play football in 2020

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Oct 25th

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I understand the point of bringing up the model.

Maybe I should have been clearer. When talking about health - Some of the smaller schools were saying they didn't have the resources to test multiple times or as much as needed. Among other complaints.

If they can't properly test a football team there's no way they're keeping up with 40-50K kids on campuses.

I'm not saying they'll let these kids die on the field but yea I'm cynical if someone is saying these guys are worried about their health.

Sure that's part of it, a small part imo. They're much, much more concerned with lawsuits & keeping the amateur status on these kids.

I don't think they'll be ready in the spring but 2 seasons in 8 seasons seems like a labor issues to me? Would any parent really want that more their kid?
I've spoke to several and they all bring up how EVERYONE is freelancing to a degree. There's no decisive voice and that's exactly where the NCAA failed. Sure there's things that aren't in their reach but not much. They could've handled this a lot better. I can't imagine that being up for debate?

The Power 5 Presidents control the NCAA which is why everyone disregards the NCAA anyway.

We do agree there is no way to keep a campus from becoming a hot spot unless you test a lot, which none of the schools can do.

I don't understand the amateur status argument. The 2 conferences are going ahead with football and the players have the same status as before. Nothing has changed.


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Ben Sasse wrote to the Big Ten Conference arguing in favor of holding the season by saying that “life is about trade-offs.” And that’s true. But to get football the trade-offs needed to be made on our end. We needed to be wearing masks. We needed to sacrifice the economy in the short-term to crush the curve. We needed a government that took the virus seriously instead of listening to sports talk phonies who saw an opportunity to get famous by telling people what they wanted to hear.

Or alternatively we needed to have made a trade off where we treat these athletes like the minor-league professionals they are, allowed them to collectively bargain, so they were able to be put in an NBA-style bubble away from the other students. Instead of pretending that the star quarterback at Florida State is a “student-athlete” in the exact same way the captain of FSU’s fencing team is.

That’s it. Those are the options and the trade offs that were, once upon a time, available to us. Everything else is forcing a kid whose grandma has already contracted COVID to put himself, his family, and his community at risk for no pay so that we can have fun on Saturdays and pretend that America is doing just fine.

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The SEC is playing right? This would be a good year for Bill to draft exclusively from the conference.


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These are wise health decisions that are costing these schools 10’s of millions in revenues. Protecting the health and welfare of students and their families should be there #1 priority of every school. Some will, some won’t, those that do are going with science over stupid, good for them.

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It's their right to do so and you should respect whatever decision they make.

So, we are the respect the right for a president of a college to make the decision for football players to risk their lives and the lives of their families. Nonsense!


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Agreed. After a few hundred positive cases because of this decision, the season will close down.
More of these kids will test positive not playing football.

College aged kids will be less conscious about the interactions they have with others if they aren’t under the pressure of playing.

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question. Is this person reputable or would be someone that would know this information?
Honestly never heard of Mr Yacht before yesterday but wanted to keep up with w/e info/misinfo was out there.

Should have a solid idea by tonight. I have my doubts tbh.


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More of these kids will test positive not playing football.

College aged kids will be less conscious about the interactions they have with others if they aren’t under the pressure of playing.

which means absolutely nothing unless you understand the chain of transmissions. And stupid doesn’t believe in contact tracing so they won’t know that unless science outlines it for them.


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it’s science vs stupid, so I expect stupid to keep supporting stupid.
A college age individual is more likely to die in a car accident than from Covid. Maybe we should take away their drivers' licenses too?