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Dec 6th

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Love it......I've loved the saints since the "aints" days as kindred spirits.

LOVE Nawlins, should be permanent home for all superbowls.
OMG you said the city slang right lol. Yeah we all have 20-30% fans that dont know much and just listen to NFL drivel, but will find alot of NO fans that have NE as a second team, and that shows in most polls when NE went to the playoffs. This was all over the city during the SB, move videos will come out Im sure, and French quarter was crazy happy for you guys.
We really only had 2 rivals. We were in the 49ers division, They make fun of us all the time,because Montana used to slaughter us, and then changed to the south division now, and Atlanta fans can be pretty nasty. So we dont like them. Respect the team, dont care much for the fans. haha yeah good old Aints, we are kind of same kindly fans that just love the game. really think SP and Brees turned alot of fans to NE because of positive talk about NE, BB, and Brady. SP copied BB alot.
Then the NE fans came for the game and were amazing to us. Really most as you know just made fun of us or threw things.
I know most Saints fans had the Patriots playing us as a loss in 2009.
But the real winner were the NE fans that came to the game. Can remember 5 differnt papers posting something like Patriots fans were so nice. They talked to us, didnt make fun, and willing to hang out and have fun. Made a big impression.
I mean you guys were giants and I think we exspected to be put down even more than what Dallas fans, 49 fans or ... lol pretty much everyone did
But you didnt and that was so cool.
Cant wait to see you guys down here again so you can have a great time, can cook for you outside the game, and hang again. We are a football state. I mean who do you know who keeps making special songs for a team, lol, every year. We are hopeless lovers of the game lol even as losers
and as football fans we know who is the best in the world and thats Patriots, BB , Tom 5 rings Brady, and the great fans of NE
So happy for you guys. Its well desurved
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Yep, a game in New Orleans is the only away game I'd consider going to. Did a quick drive by over the summer, and really enjoyed it...wish I could have stayed a little longer.
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