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Nov 29th

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Saints fans hate the Falcons... they also suffered a similar penalty by Roger during bountygate.. there was already a strong tolerance for Pats Fans, but it increased when the Falcons made it to the Superbowl..

Spend considerable time in NOLA.. overall they seem to like us.


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Saints aren't among the teams that the Patriots have habitually humiliated over the last decade, so there much basis for animosity to grow. Plus, as mentioned, mutual hatred of Goddell carries a long way.

I've felt that fans in cities like Houston and (ironically) Atlanta, staffed by former Belichick lieutenants, are friendlier to the idea of the Patriots than most, given that their teams are designed from and inspired by the model.

Will that change, now that those teams have suffered at the hands of the GOAT? Or will it just reaffirm their respect?

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They are almost as ecstatic as we are about the result of the SB. :) Reads like what this board would look like if the Jets got beat in that game lol.

One of them is so happy the Falcons lost they are buying a Pats hat and shirt :D

The Jets in the Super Bowl...I guess that would mean hell actually froze over.

Saints fans seem to be pretty cool. I was at the Saints game in 2013 and my interactions with them pre and post game were very pleasant.


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And the coaches also as evidenced by the joint practices in preseason...

The Saints Twitter account and also Sean Payton himself have tweeted out support and later congratulations several times that I can remember. Although I normally don't think it's OK to have 2 teams you root for, as long as they aren't playing us I'm a saints fan.

When I was working during the 2004 seasonon a tanker that didnt have internet or even much communication with the outside world at sea, we'd get our scores Monday from the captain. The second was from NOLA and a big Saints fan. I'd always ask "did the Pats won," to which the answer was always yes and he'd ask "did the Saints?" Nope. They're a dedicated fan base.

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Yeh it was the 2nd best BS ever for us :)

I could see Pats fans celebrating in the same way if the Jets ever made the Super Bowl (probably not possible before the sun expands and envelopes the earth) and then blew a 25 point lead with little more than a quarter left.


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Maybe, but knowing what Manning is capable of, I had a sinking feeling that he was gonna pull that one out until Porter snagged it.
I agree. Especially against our D, which was not as good as some think. Even Brees thought PM was going to go down field and he would have to do the same. you can see him say it at 38 minutes in our Americas game. Cant wait to see this American's game for the 2017 NE champions :)
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