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Rich Eisen Reacts to the Patriots Getting Booed at Home

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Sep 12th

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Not that it matters, but the fans were booing the play calling at the end of the half. There was a minute left on the clock and they called a two yard pass to Edelman in bounds, then whatever they called next, Brady was sacked, and then they let the clock run out. booooo. (but i didn't say it out loud at the game, and neither did most of the fans).


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Logically speaking, it seems pretty silly to boo this team. Struggles aside, they're in first place in the East and have a track record that should earn them the benefit of the doubt.

However, it was cold, and people are drinking, and they spent a lot of money (like, a LOT), and for many of them it's probably they only game they get to go to all year. So I can't blame anyone for letting their emotions sail.
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