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Watched Rams Pats game again tonight and despite D being unable to stop the run the biggest thing that stood out to me was how horrifically crappy our OL played! They could not protect at all and were destroyed in trenches.....can’t give cam a full pass on that because he did have some time early on and still made awful decisions...but a lot of the times OL got manhandled and outplayed. OL has had injuries but needs to play better!


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captain stone

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Something that immediately caught my attention as it unfolded: During Gunner's punt return early in the 4th quarter, did it occur to anyone else that he cut back inside too early while he still had blocking (JJones & Phillips) on his left side? He might have actually taken it all the way had he stayed behind them a little longer...


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Yes the offensive line was a huge issue. It was probably their worst performance of the season. That said, Donald is the best defensive lineman in a generation and could lay claim to being the best non QB in the league. He's that good.