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Reports are the Pats may upgrade the WRs through trade (not necessarily Hopkins)

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I love this "reports are  may" bullschitt.....the Pats MAY go undefeated, Mac Jones MAY throw 60 TDs, my cat MAY dismember a parrot, Belichick MAY be nice to reporters....

It's definitely one of the dead voids of the NFL off-season. Outlets need content, but there's nothing concrete happening, so they fill it with "throw it at the wall" speculation, probably churned out by interns for a writing credit.


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I feel you are right about Jeudy. There is too much not to like including a connection to Jones.
But...alas....we need two WR. Would Bill pay Meyers $16mm versus perhaps a 2nd round pick #46 and have Jeudy for $4.6mm this year and $12mm his fifth year....or cut him. Is Jeudy worth more than any "definite maybe" and is only 23 years old, that you would get at #46?.....anybody....anybody? His speed is 4.46 and can run routes. There is always "if" the Broncos will trade him.

Then there is FA Parris Campbell who can play the slot and has speed to burn (4,31) . He can be had for $6mm? He is 25. His numbers were close to Meyers on a crappy QB situation worse than ours. So for $11mm we get two WR with speed versus about $16mm for Meyers and $18mm plus a big trade for Higgins. .....most likely our #14.

Jeudy=67, catches 972 yards and 6 TDs 15 games

Campbell=63, catches 623 yards 3 TDs 17 games


Meyers=67 catches 804 yards 6 TDs 14 games

Agholor=31 catches 362 yards 3 TDs 14 games (4 games with "0" catches)

Love Meyers but add Jeudy and Campbell instead of he and Agholor Then you have Thornton, Parker and Bourne and your WR room is set. You have added massive speed, Some size as Campbell is 6' and Jeudy is 6'1". Thornton is 6'2" and Parker is 6'3" so there is that.

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I must admit that I thought Jeudy had a faster 40 time but you are correct based on his combine result. Still think he could be an option. I am not sure if his YAC is good.

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I posted this for the WR's group. You have the Top 13 WR's paid. OK, now you paid them, now they get older, and look better in this new flag football league. What's missing, the most important thing.
The ole drive for show, putt for dough philosophy.
Why do you play this game? By, blowing money at this position. Guarantees Zero.
Answer: Rings Top 20 guys has 4 Rings. It gets worse the lower you go. I expected 8 minimum,
Just like anything in Football, if it was as easy as signing a WR and winning a SB, everybody be doing it.
Takes a team, and always will in a team sport.


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This would be really good news.

46 for Hop would be a fair trade and put us on the right track.

I've been advocating for a trade like this since Nov/Dec and I'd be pumped not giving up our 1st for Hop or Cooks.
I'm really hopeful #14 gets a ready-to-start LT. If 46 gets us a #1 WR, then I'd be really happy with the start of the draft.


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I'm really hopeful #14 gets a ready-to-start LT. If 46 gets us a #1 WR, then I'd be really happy with the start of the draft.
Yea i think that would make the consensus happy. Arguably two biggest needs overall wiped out with the first two picks.

We could stretch our picks a little further if we like Trent at LT one more year and trade down for a Wright.

Or if we like someone like Bergeron, Duncan at LT. Getting them with another trade down.

46 for Hopkins would be great start.


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2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner

46 for hopkins
Trade a little down for a day 2 pick and select Wright to fix the rt position which needs to be fixed for years now
Maybe trade up on day 2 with the third rounders if someone falls or a LT like duncan bergeron is available round 2
Gives you a #1 WR and two OT
CB can be fixed in FA imo

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