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Time to start this over again as we settle into our new digs. We did this thread a few years ago, and I figured it would be a good idea to get to know everyone again. Post where you're from, if you're a season ticket holder, how long you've been a fan, etc. Should be a fun way to hopefully have everyone get re-accquanted again :)

I'll start it off.

From: NH Seacoast
Not a season ticket holder
Pats Fan since 1986


Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
from: Quonochontaug, RI
former sth ('93-'08), section 12, row 6 Foxboro, section 120, row 33 Gillette
Super Bowl attendee xxxvi, xxxviii, xxxix
Fan since the 70's, semi-informed fan since the mid '80's
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Tony2046 Supporter Supporter
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2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Air Force brat/ Army Veteran
Patriots fan because my Father was from Tilton NH.
I love that I'm my father's son.
My mother was crazy.
I'm a mixture of both.
I love the Patriots and all that they have given me.
My son and my daughter and myself have seen Tom Brady win. I love that.
I saw Tom Brady win before they were born.
I'm easy going and truly enjoy listening to people's stories.
I hate hate. It's evil imo.
I love this country and consider what we're going through as growing pains. We'll survive. Because we're a nation of good people.

Wax Frog

Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
I'm from just outside Washington, DC, but my heart rests on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee (that's as Cliff Notes as my reason for fandom can get)
Not a season ticket holder, ever, waaah!

Spent nearly 35 years in the fandom department (first game viewed - New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins - December 16th, 1985)

My new avatar is superhuman below the waist ( @Joker ) and has a head like a fire hydrant ( @BaconGrundleCandy ) :p
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Damn Yankee.

Lived in a bunch of different locations growing up.

Never really was much of a Pats fan due to my father and my extended family growing up, but a big Orr fan and Bruins fan due to my mother when I lived in the Northeast (Cape Cod being one of those places, and yes, they were happily married for over 40 years before my mom passed because she didn't care for football LOL).

Patriots are growing on me since I had followed Cam in NC (never cared for the Panthers for various reasons), and actually like the Pats now. Good thing, as my wifes dad's family came to the northeast in the 1700's, and my FIL is a die hard New England fan and they relocated not to far from us.

With two teen boys, the most recreation I get is shooting off my back porch when I want to.


Hi All!

Unusually for this forum I'm not a Pats fan. I'm a Steelers fan from the UK who comes over to the States regularly with a couple of buddies to watch some games, both college and NFL. We're slowly ticking off a bunch of NFL stadiums and plan to add a few more this October.
We're flying to Atlanta to watch Virginia @ Georgia Tech, then down to Miami where we'll probably catch the Duke @ Miami game (or watch college gameday in a bar) and then on Sunday we'll see the Steelers @ Dolphins before flying up to Boston to catch the Monday nighter Bears @ Pats.

Many thanks to Ian for allowing me in - I was just hoping to get some tips for game day and the best options for tickets and where to sit - to go with touts or not etc.

Our hotel is fairly central downtown but other than that it'll be great to talk football. :thumbsup: