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Sep 27th

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Time to start this over again as we settle into our new digs. We did this thread a few years ago, and I figured it would be a good idea to get to know everyone again. Post where you're from, if you're a season ticket holder, how long you've been a fan, etc. Should be a fun way to hopefully have everyone get re-accquanted again :)

I'll start it off.

From: NH Seacoast
Not a season ticket holder
Pats Fan since 1986


Pro Bowl Player
From my Mother.
I like fast cars and fast women. Fast food too.
Not a season ticket holder.
Favorite color- orange
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from: Quonochontaug, RI
former sth ('93-'08), section 12, row 6 Foxboro, section 120, row 33 Gillette
Super Bowl attendee xxxvi, xxxviii, xxxix
Fan since the 70's, semi-informed fan since the mid '80's
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2019 Weekly Picks Winner
Air Force brat/ Army Veteran
Patriots fan because my Father was from Tilton NH.
I love that I'm my father's son.
My mother was crazy.
I'm a mixture of both.
I love the Patriots and all that they have given me.
My son and my daughter and myself have seen Tom Brady win. I love that.
I saw Tom Brady win before they were born.
I'm easy going and truly enjoy listening to people's stories.
I hate hate. It's evil imo.
I love this country and consider what we're going through as growing pains. We'll survive. Because we're a nation of good people.

Wax Frog

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I'm from just outside Washington, DC, but my heart rests on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee (that's as Cliff Notes as my reason for fandom can get)
Not a season ticket holder, ever, waaah!

Spent nearly 35 years in the fandom department (first game viewed - New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins - December 16th, 1985)

My new avatar is superhuman below the waist ( @Joker ) and has a head like a fire hydrant ( @BaconGrundleCandy ) :p
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