Pats Release Ryan Allen - Jake Bailey is the new punter

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Sep 20th

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Even if Bailey were not the more talented punter, Allen would have still had an uphill climb to make the roster given Bailey's greater versatility (he can kick off and is a better FG kicker than Allen and is more of a threat on fake punts than Allen). That said, Allen did a great job for us and will be missed.

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I'm sure I'm not alone in remembering when Bill replaced Zoltan Mesko with Ryan. You'd have thought that he'd traded Brady...;). OK, maybe some slight hyperbole there, but the point remains the same. I'll trust Bill's judgement on this one as opposed to some yahoo poster's...


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I guess I would have preferred if the Patriots saved money on a cheaper/better kicker (~$4.5M) . Rather than letting go a good punter with $1.5M cap hit.


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Was Bailey holding for Gost against the Titans...does he have issues there ?


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They traded up in the 5th round for Bailey, they were never going to cut him.


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As good as Allen is/was, Bailey has put in some tremendous punts in pre-season so far.

His free kick from the safety had a 5 second+ hang time and went an absolute mile. Even his kickoffs have been put in nice spots.


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Jake Bailey
  • Played at Santa Fe Christian (Calif.) and connected on 12-of-16 field goals – including 54-yarder – as a senior. Also made 26-of-27 extra points.
  • Made three field goals of 50 or more yards and 40 touchbacks on 47 kickoffs as a senior
And there you have it. He can pass as an emergency kicker, he can kick the skin off the ball, and they obviously felt comfortable with him as a holder.


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I would assume they think the skills are comparable with Bailey having the added bonuses of kickoff ability and the fact he is much cheaper.
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