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Patriots Linebackers, Rated #4...With a Bullet

Steve Balestrieri

The Patriots defense in 2015 played well all season, this year they’re looking to make the jump from the ranks of the good to be among the best. And to go along with improved depth on the edge and the secondary is the play of the unit’s linebackers. NFL Network’s Willie McGinest was asked to rate the top five linebacker units in the league and not surprisingly, he gave the Patriots high marks.

McGinest waxed nostalgic about his time in New England, talking about the great teams and defenses from the early 2000s, of which he was a great part of and then spoke a bit about what makes this unit go, specifically Dont’a Hightower and Jamie Collins.

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I think the list is fair depending on what you mean. For pure traditional LBs were have the best group in the NFL but if you are talking about pass rushers and hybrids then being 4th might be fair.

Von Miller plays under the term LB but i see him more as a pure edge specialist which is a little different than traditional LB and if you want to include guys like Houston and Miller as LBs then you can make a case.


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I think its fair since the most prevalent memory i have of last year is Owen Daniels burning jamie collins for a TD from Ballonsinchin Manning in AFC Champ game


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LB group is great, what prevents it from becoming #1 is depth. In theory , this LB Corp was designed with the idea Mayo would still play a major role in the group giving us 3 high caliber linebackers.

Instead due to Injuries it has mostly been Donta and/or Jamie with a rotating door of JAGS as depth.

In other words id take Jamie and Donta vs any of the top 2 backers on the 3 teams above us. What kills is as a whole unit is depth. I've got some high hopes for Eladon Roberts, Hill and Mcclellin.
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