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Patriots cut Edelman(Update- EDELMAN RETIRES)

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Sep 12th

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Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
This isn't surprising because there has been reports about the Pats moving on for a while. From the sounds of it, they have been trying to convince Edelman to retire and he may be still wanting to give it a go again. The word was that the Pats were willing to help Edelman hook up with another team if that was what he wants. Could be why they are releasing him now rather than before camp.


Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
no it isn' why are you hating on the team without any facts?
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In the Starting Line-Up
I really hope they have a guy that’s going to bring that fire to the team. You just knew, when **** hit the fan and the other team was trying to be a bully, JE11 would be picking fights, making tough catches, and firing up his squad. Dude didn’t take **** from NO ONE on that field. My family and I are really going to miss watching him.

Do us all a favor Jules. Hang ‘em up and keep lifting your little girl up while you can!!

Thank you for everything.

Brewskies Supporter Supporter
It happens but he is one of my favorite player, always has been. He would do whatever they asked even while hurt.

Thank you Julies for everything.

Best wishes in the future. Take care of your health. Your injuries will hurt as you age. Rest and relax. Retire please.

Don't join Brady. Brady will destroy you physically.


Staff member Supporter
In regards to the move happening before any retirement announcement - perhaps they figured this was eventually going to be the outcome and they needed the cap space now?