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Patriots cut Edelman(Update- EDELMAN RETIRES)

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LOL at anyone here whose immediate thought was that Jules is going to end up playing for Tampa this year.

Tamba has some promising young guys that i saw last year, weird how Brady has no problems trusting those guys with no offseason yet some of the bums we have drafted can't get on the same page in multiple seasons.

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I can't believe some of you guys are arguing in the Jules is outta here thread.
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Arialgg Supporter Supporter
Damn. This one is painful. Jules has been a warrior for the Pats & one of my favorite Patriots of all time. So many great plays and moments through the years. Godspeed ,Mr Edelman. :crying:


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One of my favorite "second dynasty" Patriots players, if not my favorite. When he was at his peak, it was truly exciting to see what he did with the ball in his hands. There was also one specific play during a certain Super Bowl I think we'll all remember forever. He also played for less money than he was worth the entire damn time, so shout out to him for that.

Thanks for everything, 11.


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In regards to the move happening before any retirement announcement - perhaps they figured this was eventually going to be the outcome and they needed the cap space now?

Cap space? I am sure the Pats allowed Edelman to chose how he wanted to go out. They could have restructured any one of a bunch of contracts for this cap space. There is the injury settlement clause as noted by Miguel, maybe insurance monies, and maybe he wants to be able to return for the playoffs. I am guessing this keeps all of his options on the table while maximizing the injury payout scenarios.

People might have wanted to see the retirement announcement by Edelman before the release, but this is probably the better financial path for him.

I have his jersey. Great person, great competitor, great Patriot. Have fun Julian, just maybe minimize the car hood dancing :rofl:.


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I’m guessing Reiss is right and by cutting him it sets him up for an injury settlement, after which he will announce his retirement.

“I don’t know where we are going to play you, but you can play”

BB to Edelman when he drafted him.

Not a bad carrier for a 7th rd pick. He should get into the HOF.

Plus greatest SB catch evah!


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I think he probably retires, unless Tom can convince Tampa to sign him. I think he’s pretty much cooked.

He outta get out while he can seeing how it’ll be a small pay day at this point. I could have seen him going through the PUP process with us given he had a decent pay day waiting for him.


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Great player, Patriot HOF player. I believe his ones are shot and I would hate to see him do more damage to himself.


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I love Jules one of my all time favorite players of any sport, pure heart toughness and grit. He was everything competitive sports stood for.
I remember when he went for a free agent visit to San Fran and the end result was him coming back here. The San Fran GM said New England is lucky to have a guy like that. That sums of Julian Selfless, Team first, motivator, clutch. O
Man a sad day for New England Fans.
But we celebrate the uncountable clutch plays Jules made on special teams offense and yes even defense. The Flying Elvis should be changed to the Flying Squirrels.
PS offer him a coaching job immediately!