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Patriots cut Edelman(Update- EDELMAN RETIRES)

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Sep 12th

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Congratulations on the long and illustrious career! A surefire Patriots Hall of Famer!

Edelman, more than almost any other player I've ever seen, made me wish that I'd been a football player. Watching a small guy who prided himself on toughness, athleticism, and the will to strive against all odds really inspired me. I even named my second son Julian. It's been a joy to watch Edelman's play over the last decade.

I'll always maintain that we would have won against the Eagles if he'd been healthy that season. Sure, Brady set passing records, but Edelman was the heart and soul of the passing game. He'll always be one of my favorites to ever wear the Patriots uniform.
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Poor Jules. This makes me sad. Thanks for all the great play and the all-around-good-guy-ness.


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I think he probably retires, unless Tom can convince Tampa to sign him. I think he’s pretty much cooked.

He outta get out while he can seeing how it’ll be a small pay day at this point. I could have seen him going through the PUP process with us given he had a decent pay day waiting for him.

I know that some here (not referring to you) would love to see Jules sign with Tampa, shock the football (and medical) world by staying healthy enough to be part of another title for Brady, so that they can start new threads bashing BB next offseason.

It ain’t happening. 0.0% chance. Let Jules retire with dignity without a Bucs angle, for one thread, at least.