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Sep 27th

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Deus Irae

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Looks to be a potential ***** of a schedule, though it's a good one for both the home crowds getting good games and the relative lack of traveling distance for away games.


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Welcome back to hell, Pittsburgh. @BAL will be tough, and @Mia expect the worst. Looks tough, but I see a 13-3!

I’ve never been to Gillette. I love my dad, but bless his heart he’s a cowgirl fan, so I’d love to take him for my first game so we can enjoy a beatdown together of his team.


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Not too bad, I predict 14-2 and complete total domination as usual.


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Hope at Philly is early in the year. Would love to go for that one.


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They’re playing the Giants. I’m already scared of that game because of 7 years ago :eek::eek::eek:

Hell yeah we are, it's at least as scary as worrying about the Chargers as a potential opponent in this year's AFCCG based on what happened in a game the Pats won by 2 scores 11 years ago lmao
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If the Pats are lucky enough to win the SB....the Thursday night opponent from most to least likely.


KC and Pitt have already played the Pats on Thursday night after the Pats won a SB which is why I rank them that way.

If they don't win I think they open on the road vs one of the divisional opponents or Cincinnati. The NFL will want to save these games for later in the season and likely prime time. All major market teams. Three playoff teams and one which before injuries was on track to be in the playoffs.

at Baltimore Ravens
at Washington Redskins
at Philadelphia Eagles
at Houston Texans