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OT- Amazon considering zero play by play NFL broadcasts

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Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
That would be horrible. You miss a lot on the TV broadcast because you cannot see everything that the color guy will bring up in between downs with video replay.

Hell, even in stadium there is an announcer to give some information.


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What's the point of having play by play when anyone with an internet connection (which is everyone who streams amazon) is 3 plays ahead of the broadcast....


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I am totally OK with this but I do find the sideline reporting valuable (injury updates etc) I guess they could just as easily flash a graphic.

But we would lose out on great moments like this.


borg Supporter Supporter
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Who do I complain to if I can't complain about complaining?

And do I need to worry about Bezos disappearing me........or taking away my next day delivery?

Is having "Delivery Privilege" shameful?

Should "Delivery Privilege" be a "natural right" like life, liberty, and broadband?

Why is Alexa acting like such a ***** to me right now?

And why is A I censoring the word ***** ?
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I wish that you could choose the video broadcast and have an all 22/stadium perspective option.

It seems like this should be the next evolution of sports broadcasting in this age of high speed streaming. A fully customizable watching experience, where you choose your audio accompaniment, and can choose the standard curated video experience, or you can switch views on the fly to whatever you want. Want the classic experience? It's yours. Want to watch the whole game from the all-22 perspective? Push of a button. Want to experience the whole game purely through Bill Belichick's reactions to things? Sure, why not!


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Works really well with hockey, because the up tempo action keeps things watchable. not so sure about football.


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It gave me purpose in life. Ever since he retired/was fired, I have been wandering the streets of Framingham aimlessly.... living off the kindness of strangers.... sleeping under bridges.... crying myself to sleep every night.....

We know

Dierdorff has provided color commentary on it. He says you need better technique asking for bread.