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OT- Amazon considering zero play by play NFL broadcasts

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Most times I watch the Pats at sports bars with no sound.

The only real disadvantage is on penalties, booth reviews and injury news. A crawl at the bottom or window relaying this information would do the job for me. Visual up to date stats per game as well since the masses are playing fantasy football and I want the good news and bad news regardless.


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Since they have the streaming channels, which can be split into multiple broadcasts, I'd like to see a few options if it can't be done through one interface. I prefer some commentary but wouldn't mind giving less of it a shot.

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I no longer get Satellite TV ( $100+/mo for a big pile of dung) and can sometimes get the games on regular antenna TV, however, sometimes there is no sound. It sucks.

Now OT to homeless people stories:
It gave me purpose in life. Ever since he retired/was fired, I have been wandering the streets of Framingham aimlessly.... living off the kindness of strangers.... sleeping under bridges.... crying myself to sleep every night.....
There was a presumably homeless person that panhandled on a street corner near me. He wore a knee brace.
What was amusing was the knee brace would alternate which knee he wore it on.
Maybe he had 2 sore knees and could only afford one brace.

I worked on the oilfield and was bothered by how people would treat leather gloves as if they were disposable. Used leather gloves are classified as hazardous waste and have to be collected. I would go through them and pick out the ones in good shape, bring them home, and give them out to homeless people. I won't give them money, but thought at least their hands should be warm when they're holding that fifth of cheap vodka.


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I think Amazon should just spend a few billion dollars and clone Tony Romo so he can announce every game.

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I wish that you could choose the video broadcast and have an all 22/stadium perspective option.
I've been saying this forever! With 80 cameras we should have a few different choices. Make it part of a package.

I wouldn't mind no announcers at all. I routinely turn the volume down. I also wouldn't mind if they let some nerds on TV to look at it purely from a design pov. Not for everyone but we should have more choices.


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I work in the tech start up world, and for awhile I was working to develop a system that would allow TV announcers and content creators to have their own type of announcing platform. A subscribe type of system that would allow sports fans and viewers to subscribe to announcers of their own choosing that would broadcast over the live games. Like a live podcast. The host could announce as they see fit, and the viewer (consumer) would be allowed to choose (follow) whomever they best like.
I literally got the idea one night when I just couldn’t listen to Chris Collinsworth sucking off Mahomes any longer. That start up idea had my heart, but after analyzing the challenges, especially in the legal department, it would’ve been very difficult to overcome, or atleast with my experience and resources. The NFL is not looking to give that control of the narrative away.

I eventually moved on to developing a bar payment system that was received well by inversions, so that has my focus today. I Still someday, would love to change and shake up the entire business model of sports broadcasting.

Amazon doing this is a positive development in terms of possibility. One of the bigger issues we faced, was creating a neutral platform that wouldn’t be interfered by the actual networks announcers (think drawing on the screen)

If they removed announcers completely, you could do this without the NFLs direct consent, by basically creating a systems that only broadcast over the games, without any direct business dealings with the NFL.

It just might be time to dip back into the idea.
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It seems like this should be the next evolution of sports broadcasting in this age of high speed streaming. A fully customizable watching experience, where you choose your audio accompaniment, and can choose the standard curated video experience, or you can switch views on the fly to whatever you want. Want the classic experience? It's yours. Want to watch the whole game from the all-22 perspective? Push of a button. Want to experience the whole game purely through Bill Belichick's reactions to things? Sure, why not!

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I wish they would have more end zone or sky cam views of plays. They had that in that fog game and it was great. You get a better appreciation of line play and where the gaps are and aren't.