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This is the worst Patriots football I can recall since before Bledsoe
It's not worse than the 2002 season. Not yet, anyways.. Though Cam just proved that one man CAN destroy a game for a team. Something I didn't think I would ever see happen.

Cam proved me wrong. And I'm not afraid to admit it.,

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Our offense only scored 13 points was our defense and better coaching that won that Super Bowl. Team effort, in my opinion, that's why this is the greatest dynasty of all time..6 super bowl wins and 9 appearances..we did it with great offense some years, great defense some years and the constant has been great coaching. I don't think the coaching staff has lost it in two years.
Probably makes your job a little easier when you have the greatest quarterback ever to hold the offense together


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You realize that if the Jets and Pats end up 2-14, they get the tie breaker because the Jets would have 2 division wins and the Pats would have exactly zero? So they won't beat the Jets as of now in either game. So, that leaves Atlanta to pick up a win or 2. It isn't as far fetched as you think.

the jets would field their practice squad if they even remotely thought its what it takes to prevent the pats getting TL for the next 15 years. It’s not happening buddy. The jets are stupid, But not that stupid. They wouldn’t feel that winning those games would be worth any level of pride they might get, if it meant losing again for atleast another decade. You’re looking through a pipe dream of a lens. You have to think of the bigger picture.

Again, it’s never happening.
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