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Sep 12th

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Dobbins is sensational. The Ravens should trade Ingram. With Gus/Dobbins you have all you need. They could drop that 5M cap hit and get something else of value. They are in super bowl contention and can't waste resources if they want to win.

Burrow is looking good. Big win today. Titans have a good record but are clearly pretenders. The AFC is all about KC/Steelers/Ravens likely in that order with the Bills in a distant 4th. Browns/Indy/Dolphins will be pretenders too.

Not impressed with KC curb stomping the Jets. Sorry. They are the new Browns. A silver lining for us Pats fans.

Rodgers again trying to get it done in the 4th and failed against a pretty crap Vikings team and D. His stats look pretty as hell, but just goes to shows stats aren't everything. Puts up numbers but fails to win. Enjoy your 300 yards and 3 TDs though.


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I think the TD record is Brady’s to stay. Seeing nothing from Brees to change my mind.


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Are the Bears being underrated? They beat the Bucs and are beating the Saints. Their D has been fairly consistent.


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Metcalf is all over the field.

DBs are all over Harry.

Harry is all over the injury report.


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Spoke too soon, Metcalf with a 2nd TD.

Season so far, just over 620 yards, 7 tds. Almost halfway through the season. Dude is in his 2nd year... what a WR.


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Seeing Rodgers get annihilated as he tried to throw another flukey Hail-Mary was quite satisfying.


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Dalvin Cook and DK Metcalf are the perfect examples of what drafting RB or WR in the first round should get you.

Instead, we get Sony Michel and N'Keal Harry.