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NFL Week 16 Game Discussions

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Disco Volante

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Thursday Night Football
Titans @ Jaguars

Eagles @ Redskins (4:30pm)
Chargers @ 49ers (8:25pm)


Falcons @ Saints
Ravens @ Texans
Browns @ Panthers
Lions @ Bears
Packers @ Bucs
Vikings @ Dolphins

Colts @ Cowboys
Bills @ Raiders
Giants @ Rams

Sunday Night Football
Seahawks @ Cardinals

Monday Night Football
Broncos @ Bengals


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Man....I'd rather watch Thomas the Train with my daughter than watch this game.

Joker Supporter Supporter
C'mon you guys!!! It's the Tits and the Jags!! Where's the discourse????....slackers


Goodell sucks Supporter
ESPN's front page billing this as a must-lose for both teams is pretty funny, I gotta admit.



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Could be the difference between picking 221st or 222nd. Will we get a Julian Edelmen or a Darryl Richard?

Rusty Coupe

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This game must be a test for the NFL to find the lowest baseline for advertising rates, put the worst possible match up they can offer in prime time, and see how many people will actually watch it.


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The lions-bears game could be the all time most watched if they put 11 real lions and 11 real bears together.


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Holy empty seats! :eek:

I really hope everyone is cheering for the Jaguars. We need the Bucs and Titans to finish #1-#2 in the draft order, and not tied.

Edit: Now that I think of it. It might be best for the Titans and Bucs to be tied with Titans winning the tie breaker and grabbing the #1 pick. Since they swap picks each round. So in rounds 1, 3, 5, 7, Titans would get the 1st pick. In Rounds 2, 4, 6, Bucs would get the 1st pick.

That way we get to choose first for our 4th, 6th, and 7th round picks we acquired via trade.
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Can't tell if Bortles is playing well or if the Titans D is just that bad
I think Jax taking Bortles was the right move. If they can draft well and he develops they could become a quality team in a weak div. (besides Indy). Their coach Bradley was the architect of the Seahawks defense. I could see them being a .500 team next year if Bortles makes the kind of strides you would expect for a 2nd year franchise QB. I think Houston made a mistake passing on him and taking Clowney.