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NFL Week 1 Odds, TV Info and Predictions

John Morgan

After what has seemed to be an eternity, the 2017 NFL season kicks off Thursday. Here is a look at the odds, television broadcast information, and predictions.

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While waiting for the apocalypse known as Hurricane Irma to hit here in Pinellas County (Clearwater, west of Tampa) Florida in a few hours (latest track seems to have zoned in directly on where I live), a short respite and diversion with some NFL games this afternoon.

For those of you in New England, your choices on broadcast television are the Jets at Buffalo on CBS, and Philadelphia at Washington on Fox in the early game. The late game is Seattle at Green Bay, and then the Giants at Dallas on Sunday night.

506 Sports - NFL Maps: Week 1, 2017


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Who are we rooting for today? Most logical would be titans, browns etc. I am rooting for the seahags as well. Can't stand the hype on Rodgers and the cheeseheads.


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Early AFC Games (CBS):
Jets at Bills (-7½)
Jaguars at Texans (-5)
Raiders at Titans (-2½)
Ravens at Bengals (-3)
Steelers (-10) at Browns

Early NFC Games (Fox):
Falcons (-7) at Bears
Eagles (-1) at Redskins
Cardinals (-2½) at Lions

Late Afternoon Games:
Colts at Rams (-3½)
Seahawks at Packers (-2½)
Panthers (-5) at 49ers

Sunday Night:
Giants at Cowboys (-4)

Monday Night:
Saints at Vikings (-3)
Chargers at Broncos (-3)


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I don't have much interest in the games today, I'm still pissed about Thursday. I will have the TV on at some point. Hope the Jets lose of course.
I hear ya. I'm definitely in the mood for some comic relief.

Which is why I'll be watching the Jets and Bills. I'm imagining the Benny Hill version of "professional" football. Although it may be hard for either team to top La. Tech's 3rd-and-93.


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PatsFans.com Supporter
Who are we rooting for today? Most logical would be titans, browns etc. I am rooting for the seahags as well. Can't stand the hype on Rodgers and the cheeseheads.
With Denver a shell of itself, there's really no strong rooting interest to be scared of potential road playoff games. We probably don't want to play in KC but besides that the only AFC threat to a SB trip is ourselves.

Agree with you on Packers. I think the Titans are better than the media hype Raiders but we'll find out today.


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Raiders-Titans early and Seahawks-Packers late should be the best games to watch.

I have morbid curiosity in the Jets-Bills, as well as what Indy looks like. I'm also curious to see what the Ravens look like. Their OL is held together with duct tape and Flacco missed all of training camp with a bad back - not a good combination for them.


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Checking out a new sports bar in the SF East Bay. Lots of Raiders fans here...:rolleyes:


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Looks like some boring games to start the day.

Seattle/Green Bay should be good at 4:30PM but I expect a low scoring, defensive win for SEA.

Giants/Cowboys is just an obnoxious matchup I'm tired of seeing in prime-time every Sunday night.


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PatsFans.com Supporter
I got over the loss fairly quickly thanks to some of the logical posters on here. No loss could ever be as bad as 2007. Hoping for some Jets entertainment and an Aaron Rodgers loss.