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NEW ARTICLE: Patriots News July 4, The Pass Rush Will Be A Key Spot to Watch

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Sep 19th

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Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

captain stone

Hall of Fame Poster
Condolences on your family's recent loss.

We needed a Cornerback for the pipeline, especially when Gilmore's & JCJack's contract situations - and after not drafting one in 2020 - are considered...Instead, Billy & the New Minions give us a fukcing UDFA-talent fukcing Safety who wasn't even the best available one at his own dam position...FAIL.

The Only "culture" I consider relevant on a professional sports franchise is Winning...The rest of it is nothing more than SJW bullsh!t.

You are correct in that you are drinking - if not drowning in - the kool-aid regarding our pass rush, which like Cant Newton will improve from last season only because it has nowhere to go but up...And I believe you mean the world-famous Third-year leap (snicker) from Wino...And what the fukc is little Uche going to do when he runs into Mekhi Becton & Morgan Moses, try to crawl under their legs? Thank Ganja that Hightower & KVN have returned, but pass rushes cannot live on blitzes alone...
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