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NEW ARTICLE: MORSE: Week 18 Preview – New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins

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captain stone

Hall of Fame Poster
On talent alone, this game should be a rout… in Miami’s favor.

Their WRs > our WRs;
Their TEs > our TEs;
Their LT/LG > our LT/LG;
Their DL > our DL;
Their CBs > our CBs;
And their Returners > our Returners.

I completely agree with your take on Duke Johnson… Bill should’ve signed him Immediately after SweetFeet was IRed.

I really, Really hope we still don’t have to give them a draft pick for Isaiah Ford…

No excuses for our QB either; this weather is right up his alley… But if his offense & especially our defense don’t get off to a better start than they did in Indy & vs the Billdos, then this game will end the same way that both of those games did…