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NEW ARTICLE: MORSE: Patriots Week 2 Opponent Preview – Miami Dolphins

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Dec 3rd


Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
The discussion Morse uses of the Dolphins OL needs to be all in the past tense. Yes, they used to be bad. They used to be one of the worst pass blockers.

But no more.

Two reasons: Isaiah Wynn at LG and their new OL coach, Butch Barry. OL coaches as we know in New England make all the difference.

Frankly, Adrian Klemm ain’t cutting it so far.

In a rare disagreement with Morse, I think Robert Hunt, a high 2020 second-rounder, is an under appreciated player.

Now as the memorable 43-yard Mostert blast shows, he’s an all pro type player.

Robert Hunt at RG gets to the second level easily. Onwenu couldn’t do it as well.

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