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My wife passed away

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@Pape I'm so sorry brother. You sound steady and strong. Life can be a MF sometimes but you got this.

I wish you and others nothing but the best. Reading this thread you get a quick reality check of what's important and how tough life can be. Again I wish you guys good fortune & health.

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I'm so sorry Pape :(


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God bless you, pape. I'm so sorry you lost your wife.
Thank you Cap.

and to everyone else, thank you for taking the time to reach out, send a thought or two, a song, an inspirational quote or even just clicking the sad emoji... The support i have received here has helped me in some really sad moments, and your all generosity of spirit will never be forgotten.

DarrylS Supporter Supporter
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Very sorry for your loss, as much as you are "prepared" you never really are.. this probably hit you like a ton of bricks with the heartbreak and such a loss.

Wife is 69 & I am 74, we have had long talks about the "end" and as much as we are prepared, sometimes when I am alone I know the end is coming, and it brings a tear. As much as I think we have covered all the bases nothing will compare to the eventual loss.

I can't imagine your loss.. but my thoughts are with you. Peace.