Mike Tomlin handed James Harrison envelope after brutal hit

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The NFL could be great. But, maybe because it gets ratings, they too often choose to be wrestling. NE was the ultimate heel. When the league needed another, the Saints took a turn.


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I wonder if Tomlin got an envelope from someone for trying to trip Jacoby Jones...


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I doesn’t sound like it was a pre-arranged bounty, I think they just wanted to keep one of their top defensive guys happy by covering the fine.

Which, of course, is blatantly illegal and a salary cap violation.
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Definitely a salary cap violation... Not the first time for the Steelers either... Fine em, strip a few draft picks, that should learn them cheating bastards a lesson


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The league will investigate this and come to a decision in 48 hours that there was no harm done.

Note that, despite both Tomlin and Harrison having previous infractions, 48 hours is still *literally* less than 2% of the amount of time they've spent investigating the Patriots having a film crew in the press box during the Bengals game, without any conclusion as of yet.

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Mike Tomlin purposely tried to trip a guy with a full stadium watching with cameras rolling to your televisions.

He got a 100k fine. There is nothing that is going to happen to this loser. He’s bullit proof, untouchable. Sad but true.


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Tomlin could probably carry out summary executions at midfield between quarters and get away with it...

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Sean Payton is absolutely correct in his take and Goodell and the NFL have no one the blame but themselves. Because the league literally decided to either invent infractions or take minor "violations" and turn them into massive cheating investigations they have opened themselves up to ongoing criticism as there will always be minor rule violations every year and failure to make them monumental justifiably makes the league look like a bunch of hypocrites. In my personal view, NONE of these supposed scandals that we've heard about over the past 30 or so years warranted much attention, punishment or outrage and I hate that I am forced to get overly agitated about each minor indiscretion due to the unfair way the Pats were treated by league and media.

49ers - greasing bodies or Rice using stickum
Pats - filming teams from sidelines or fabricated deflategate
Saints - "bountygate"
Giants - walky talky
Browns - illegal communications
Steelers - low PSI footballs, tripping
Broncos - vaseline
Redskins/Cowboys - uncapped year
Falcons - crowd noise
Jets - tampering
Ravens - unauthorized practices
All teams - steroids/tampering and of course numerous other "scandals"

Some of these may have warranted a minor fine or late round draft pick and case closed within 48 hours with a single paragraph announcement but the NFL cannot help themselves. They need to claim "fairness/integrity" when they have actually done the complete opposite. By disproportionately going after certain teams like the Pats and Saints the league has gone out of their way to eliminate fairness and create competitive advantages for other teams. It really is crazy. They literally suspended one of the best coaches in the league and the face of the league QB for things that did not happen. Bountygate investigation had similar amount of mis-truths and lies as deflategate and was a situation where even if true was minor in nature and something all teams did at least rhetorically "lets beat that QB so bad he's gone by halftime" The league wanted to show they cared about player safety after years of promoting hard hits and with the concussion lawsuits in the news they could not pass up their chance to screw someone.

They have basically forced me to care that the Ravens security head had an electronic device on sidelines inappropriately or that someone talked to a Pats player a day too early. It ticks me off that they did this to me.


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An expensive violation/risk to take out the 5-11 Browns. I would've saved it for someone who was actually a threat.


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This will disappear by the end of the weekend. You check most sports sites and they skip the heavy handed accusation articles we are used to and go straight to articles called "Steelers deny former player's allegations". With the pats there would be a slew of click bait articles to ramp things up.


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Ted Wells just finished his investigation. The envelope just contained a politely worded letter stating that the Steelers organization requests Mr. Harrison to refrain from receiving 15 yard penalties. Nothing to see here.

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Is there any doubt that Harrison is telling the truth? Deebo for what its worth showed some great character for the Patriots while Tomlin was trying to trip players during the game.
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