Matt Miller: Brady will re-sign with Patriots

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Dec 6th

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This is Kawhi Leonard 2.0. Nobody knows what Brady is thinking. The media completely botched the Leonard situation and had no idea what his master plan really was.

Brady could have something similar up his sleeve.

And who the f**k is Matt Miller?
Not really. The media knew he would leave to go to LA at some point. There was debate over the
Clippers and the Lakers and the media has this weird idea that the Lakers are some allure for free agents when Shaq and Lebrona are the only big ones this decade (Davis isn't going there without Lebron


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At some point, hopefully before the draft. We'll have a better idea of how good or bad he is with @TB_Helmet help. Him & Lance Z are two big shots. Hopefully have those 2 & OTG as well to see how well they project prospects.

Seems like Matt Miller might not even be Charlie Casserly good/right...that's a bit alarming.

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Miguel has said 80% odds Brady comes back to Pats.
He's wrong. I say it's 75%.
Both sets of odds have a reasonable chance he does not. That's what the #s mean.


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I always felt that Brady is going to return, but I have no inside info, just makes sense to me that he would return due to all the success he's had here, as well as McDaniels coming back has enhanced that feeling.

All of the crazy talk that agrees or disagrees that he will return is just guessing by everybody. Nobody has a clue.

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Seems like Matt Miller might not even be Charlie Casserly good/right...that's a bit alarming.
He has some big misses, definitely owns them tho. I respect anyone making $ off this. It's not easy and most probably aren't making more than 50-60K, if that?

Also this is why I want some nerd (@TB_Helmet ) , to put some #'s together and smart people can hopefully make something from it.

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Brady might end up in a Raider uniform if they are willing to pay him 30 mil a year...

I don't think he cares about the money. If he goes elsewhere I believe it'll be for something unique. Control or promises or something. He wants a good shot at a 7th ring.

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5 to 1 is 20% odds.

4 to 1 is 25% odds.

Those svck.

Arithmetic is tough.

1-1 is one chance in 2 or 50% odds
2-1 is one chance in 3 or 33% odds
3-1 is one chance in 4 or 25% odds
4-1 is one chance in 5 or 20% odds
5-1 is one chance in 6 or 16% odds
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