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Lot 3, 14, 16 & 20 (P2, P7, P8 & P9) Parking Going Up To $60

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Sep 12th

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Buried in this Boston Herald story about "free parking", Patriots expand free parking option at Gillette Stadium, there's this line, "Prices on the stadium side of Route 1 will remain at $40 for preseason games, but will go up to $60 (from $40) for the eight regular season games (there is a 10% discount if you purchase a season pass, or $504 for all 10 games, guaranteeing a parking space regardless of your arrival time)."

So it looks like P10 is going down to $30 but I have always hated P10, as it takes forever to get to the stadium unless you get in there when it first opens. In P2, you get closer to the stadium the later you get in. :)

BTW, the free parking is only in special sections where you are locked in for 75 minutes after the game. Not much of a problem for day games, especially when the weather's nice, but not fun for night games or on days with arctic winds.

Strangely, the Patriots own Event Guide for the Steelers season opener lists parking at $40, which makes me wonder if they're trying to slip this by.
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Any increase on the $5 cup of water?

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Parking fees and the ability to get in and out in a reasonable time is why I prefer to catch a pats game on the road than at Gillette. I got pretty close to the stadium in Nashville for 20 bucks.

bresna Supporter Supporter
If you look under Getting Here tab at top then scroll to Parking then PrePaid Parking it gives you the increased rates.

If that doesn't fit the definition of "trying to slip this by", I don't know what is. How many layers down do you expect to have to go to find it. :) :)

And BTW - it still says $40 for every regular season game's "More Info" link here: so I would say that it's a new change.


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Just wondering if maybe the spots still average out to $40?
X number free
X number $30
X number $60
For a $40 total

bresna Supporter Supporter
I have a feeling this is going to wreak havoc with the traffic for the opening night game against the Steelers. All of these people will be lined up with their $40 in the cup holder only to find out that they have to dig deeper. Those lines are slow enough as it is. This will suck that first night. If anyone remembers the season opener that year that they first implemented the "lots open 4 hours before game time," I would expect a repeat of that nightmare.


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Ah yes, the ever widening divide between the upper class and lower class as well as the destruction of the middle class. Happening right before our eyes at the Gillette Stadium parking lots.
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