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Oct 16, 2007
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PatsFans.com Supporter

PatsFans.com Supporter
    1. Silver Blue&Red
      Silver Blue&Red
      Great write up (this and that, good golly...) I enjoyed that. Bravo.
    2. jmt57
      Absolutely interested in using your posts again this year, regardless of the length or frequency. Once a week (schedule permitting of course) would be fantastic. Whatever works best for you is fine with me. Thanks; today's entry should be up any moment.
    3. jmt57
      Excellent, thanks! Much better than what I was putting together (BB says 80% positions are set, therefore 3:1 - 33 players competing for 11 roster spots) ... that seems like it's been done & redone at this point, so I'll go with yours. ... Thanks again.
    4. jmt57
      Great to hear from you, I was getting concerned about how you were doing. Will put that up right now - thanks!
    5. jmt57
      Truckin' or ... what was your first suggestion; Crossroads, I presume?
    6. jmt57
      Great, I didn't have much of anything in the works today. Always open to any idea and suggestions too.
    7. jmt57
      Thanks, that was a good one! Much better than a couple of ideas I was kicking around in my head for a Friday entry.
    8. jmt57
      Hey Andy, I just saw the thread.

      I would absolutely love to continue using This and That on the blog again!

      Thanks for the heads up, and thanks for all the great posts.
    9. jmt57
      Sorry for the delay putting that up. Have had some unexpected family issues that have left me with little extra time the last few days. Thanks for another great column.
    10. jmt57
      Thanks ... all the superficial bullcrap from the national and NY media the last 12 days has thrown me off to the point every time I start to write it just ends up being a long-winded rant about how their commentary doesn't even deserve to be termed 'analysis'. Patpsycho just wrote a good X's & O's piece that helped restore my sanity. I'll check yours out right now -- thanks!
    11. jmt57
      Yeah I just saw that, thanks. I wasted a bunch of time perusing Raven sites and message boards hoping to get some ideas on this game from the Ravens perspective and make an entry with that as the theme, but I couldn't find anything the least bit useful; it was all either completely superficial or just lame smack talk. Enjoy the trip ...
    12. jmt57
      Another great job - thanks!
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