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Let's talk about that McCourty pick

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Sep 12th

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I was at the game so I got to see the whole pre snap action and then the play. Let me just say it was thing a beauty.

Pre snap there seemed to be a little confusion they had Hopkins in the slot and I think a back split outside him. We had Rowe, Ninko, and McCourty over the top. There appeared to be some initial confusion which is what got my attention. Then we realigned McCourty initial stepped up to the back Kicking Rowe inside to Hopkins but quickly dropped back again. Meaning Rowe went back outside and nink was back on Hopkins.

They went in motion and lined up in a stack. Didn't have time or maybe didn't need to adjust.

Ball snapped. Clearly Brock thought Hopkins on nink was the mismatch problem was Nink wasn't in man and had passed him off to the next level and that was McCourty who absolutely read the play and jumped route.

Would love to know exactly what McCourty did/saw presnap and exactly how he/they were able to bait him.
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