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luuked Supporter Supporter
Not sure they win the Seattle game and the Chargers one might also be a bit more difficult without Hunt. The Ravens with Jackson at QB and Raiders are not an issue.


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He needs to be kicked out of the league today. Simple as that. Then he can go repent, find Jesus, meet with a dozen different counselors weekly and do charity work all that stuff. And then if he stays out of trouble then in a year or two he can get another chance with some other team. But for now he’s got to go.

dannydyn Supporter Supporter
If this was a Pats player, the whole Patriots team would have been suspended for the whole season.

Chiefs? Nah, nothing to see here, move on. We can't have Mahomes not get his MVP and can't hurt the Chiefs' chances of reaching the SB. SMH. :mad:
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