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Josh Gordon - Ready for Comeback! (Updated Sunday 8/25! Returns to practice, off NFI!!)

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Crazy that with his talent, he's still basically on his rookie contract. Since he was drafted in 2012, this will be the first year, he makes more than $1 million and he's lost more than $2 million in suspensions.


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"IF" and it's a Big "IF" Josh Gordon keeps his head straight for a Full season I think he could come close to that 2013 season in Cleveland. I have said this before and will say it again I think Gordon is the closest player to Mega-tron I've ever seen.

Doubt it. But that's not even needed.


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Hopefully this is the statement of man with several months clean under his belt and hopeful he's turned the corner.
But it's a tough thing to deal with and even if he is in a good place things can change. More importantly I hope he at least thinks he's turned a corner and isn't just continuing to lye to the world and himself.
If he's just BS'ing he doesn't have a chance he'll get popped again. Hopefully he's legit for his sake.


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Feels like a statement of a man turning the corner, about to release on the league:


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Besides just being on the field, I am curious to see what kind of shape he is in after missing training camp.

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