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Josh Gordon - Ready for Comeback! (Updated Sunday 8/25! Returns to practice, off NFI!!)

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Ready for his Browns comeback in that video-one or two years ago. Hopefully this time will be his last comeback!


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I clicked on this thread fully expecting Patriots porn.

Blue balls on a Saturday morning now

Gumby Supporter Supporter
Legacy of black-inner city kids with no father presence goes from generation to generation.

I cannot imagine having all those resources and a daughter and then never having seen her face-face. Hope he fixed that in past couple years and it wasn't another 'just saying what you want to hear' like what he copped to in other aspects of his mini-tragedy.


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Can't be good for Rivers or Calhoun to still be absent. Maybe IR for Calhoun (with Meredith and probably Cajuste).

Rivers could be in real danger of just getting outright cut - they won't IR him in year 3 of 4, I don't think.

Can Cajuste start on PUP? He hasn't practiced at all, has he? Maybe with Meredith and Cameron as IR/Designated for return? Not sure how this works.


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Wait, what? NT Darius Kilgo?? Isn't he on injured reserve with the Lions?
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