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Oct 1st


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
Happy Jones is back. I think he's is helpful against the smaller faster receivers like Waddle and Hill. We still need a bigger boundary corner to push Jones to the #2 spot, but this is a good start.

I bet other teams valued him at slot only money, so no reason for him to leave.

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Hoping Jo. Jones is the McCourty replacement

Depending on who they draft, and/or if Marcus Jones takes a step forward as a slot CB, this could be the best way to fill McCourty's shoes (for 2023 anyway). Veteran guy who knows all the defensive calls, and is at his best when playing the middle of the field.

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Pick #14
Jack Jones
Jonathan Jones
M. Jones

Mills DB

This secondary would be insane. Just saying.

That's a lot of assets (money AND high draft capital) to spend upgrading the secondary when there are huge holes at OL, WR, and they only have one professional TE on the roster now. I don't disagree though, that's a GREAT group if they can swing it AND get the rest of the holes filled.


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