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Jeff Howe: Pats in market for a WR and TE

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On a performance basis I dont know why we are keeping Lacosse , even Izzo has shown glimpses of catching ability but as we have seen is struggling to block

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On a performance basis I dont know why we are keeping Lacosse , even Izzo has shown glimpses of catching ability but as we have seen is struggling to block

Izzo’s blocking has been inconsistent, not bad.


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I’m confused. Didn’t you just say you would give up 4 premium draft picks for Howard & Godwin? Now you’re saying you would only give up a 3rd rd comp pick for Howard? So, you’re telling me you would give up a 1st, and two 2’s for Godwin, and you’re going to criticize this dude for calling Howard top 5?! I’ve gotta be missing something here.

#1 and #2 and comp #3 for

OJ + CG + #2 (2021)

Do you understand now? We would get a better #2 in 2021 ...


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1. Zero chance that either Godwin or Golladay are available. They are both developing into stars and their cap numbers are both under 1 million for next year. Can we try to stick to realistic options? This is just dumb.

2. Gesicki sucks.

3. Davis has potential to break out when given a better quarterback situation but they do not need potential right now. They need an established veteran who has the possibility to step in and contribute right away. Can never rule out something coming out of left field with BB but these are by far the most likely options:?

Keenan Allen....never thought about him until the 98.5 caller threw him into the mix. If SD loses this weekend, they may be willing to deal him for a 1 or a 2 + 4. He would be perfect for this offense. He has an injury history but I was surprised to see that he is still only 27 years old.

Can we also STOP dismissing these options because of lack of salary cap space. It’s so annoying. They currently have $3.7 million in cap space. At most the prorated space needed in order to acquire one of the above would be less than 8 million, I believe. That is achievable without much difficulty.

You are saying that Diggs (that IS indeed a star) and MIN that is in a win now mode, would have to eat a LOT of money and DEAD money is a possibility, but a young upcoming player like CG is dumb.

Maybe If a proposed a trade with Saints for Cooks a years ago would be dumb too ...

And create 5M is not easy and have consequences like not able to sign a player or 2 next year.


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It's funny, but ultimately isn't this the type of move that is more likely to get made?

A trade with a team like Carolina or the like for a special teamer or two, maybe a 3rd or 4th WR that also returns kicks and can run the gunner or something?

Every year "hey, we MUST go get (insert $15M cap hit here) WR or this team is DOOMED!" and every year nothing remotely close happens, but the team is playing in the AFCCG again with good chance for the Super Bowl.


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I proposed a #1 #2 and comp #3 for a 141 yds TE (underachiever) and a REALLY GOOD WR (Chris Goodwin) and this dude called ''dumb''.

The best player on this trade never had a 1000 yds season, Cooks had 2 and we give them a 1st and 3rd for Cooks and a 4th.

I would love to hear how much he thinks JC Jackson is worth it.

He is a better player than OJ Howard and maybe Chris Goodwin.



Signed for one more year.

Almost the same number os targets and catches (2 INT) ...

PPl need to be realistc. You don't give more than a 1st for a player except it is a QB or ALL PRO level like Mack, Donald ...

Mack Herron

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2. Trade suggestion -- Bennett for Sanu: Ever since the Patriots couldn't close the deal on free-agent targets Adam Humphries (receiver/Tennessee Titans) and Jared Cook (tight end/New Orleans Saints) in the offseason, the club has been searching for solutions to no avail (e.g., Antonio Brown and Benjamin Watson). So playing the role of esteemed colleague Bill Barnwell, who annually comes up with intriguing trade possibilities, here's one that came to mind for me: veteran defensive end Michael Bennett to the Falcons for receiver Mohamed Sanu.

When the Patriots traded for Bennett in March, they were more of a 4-3 defense, but the exceptional play of linebacker Jamie Collins and nose tackle Danny Shelton -- both signed after Bennett was acquired -- has morphed them back to more of a 3-4. So Bennett isn't as much of a fit, and his declining playing time in recent weeks reflects that. Meanwhile, the Falcons are coming off a 53-32 loss to the Texans, need defensive help, would be dealing from a position of strength at receiver (Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley are still there), and head coach Dan Quinn has a background with Bennett from their time together in Seattle. It could be a win-win for both clubs.
N'Keal Harry, Isaiah Wynn could give Patriots welcome boost


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Honestly TE is currently a greater need than WR, which is saying something. Izzo has made some catches but in terms of blocking he does not belong on the field.

I’m puzzled on why they cut Watson. Even for an old player he has got to be (much) better than Izzo. Our OL needs to not play like total ****.

A WR isn’t going to solve our biggest issues. Only someone like AB would have been able to provide a big enough impact.


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I’m puzzled on why they cut Watson. Even for an old player he has got to be (much) better than Izzo. Our OL needs to not play like total ****.

Because the difference between Watson and Lacosse/Izzo (+ their projected upside) is not worth 2m dollars to the people that have seen all 3 practice since the offseason.


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I appreciate that Reiss was finally able to express a theory (i.e. re-emergence of Collins changed plans in scheme) that makes sense in terms of Bennett.

Funny how some of the people that talk about themselves as some kind of genius when it comes to X/Os and keep making fun of beat guys can't even but that thought together. Guess there is a reason why some have jobs covering professional football and others are just posting stuff on Twitter.
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It makes sense if the Falcons win three straight games and try to make a second half run toward a playoff spot. In the more likely scenario where they’re 2-6 at the trade deadline and Quinn is either fired or about to be, then they’re only going to want future assets, not present assets.

Are you talking about Sanu? Mr. "we're about to hang 40 on their ***"?
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