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Jeff Howe on Brady to the Patriots next season


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I am sure this thread will cause an uproar but Howe seems to think a reunion isn't out of the picture.




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I would absolutely love this move. I'm not currently happy with the QB depth on this team. We've got an old decrepit never-was and a midget. This addition would give us a QB who passes the height requirement to be an NFL quarterback at the backup position behind MJ.

Sign the beast!

I believe this is something @crawhammer and I can both finally agree on. Bringing him here would be a fantastic move.


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Honestly it kinda makes sense. From Brady's standpoint he comes into a team with a very strong defense and $$$ to spend to upgrade the o-line and honestly some pretty good playmakers already here. From the Patriots stand point it gives Mac one more year to mature and learn the system, obviously not ideal for him, but he is still young and has many years ahead of him. From the Patriots standpoint it gives them a qb who is probably still better than the qb they currently have.


Lets face it the ratings and the $$$$$$$ for everyone involved would be astronomical. The story would be incredible, especially if they won. The hometown hero coming back to finish his career here, the two goats working together again.

50/50 it happens.


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I called this about two weeks earlier on this board and the Bucs forum, but the caveat is how this season ends. I think Tom does realize what he’s missing in Bill and Bill realizes he’s not making another run anytime soon. Them at least having a conversation in the off-season shouldn’t surprise anyone. They have unfinished business.

Regardless, you can tell Tom and the Bucs has run its course. It’s time for him to....jump ship.
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It just feels like click bait. I think you could legit see a "come home" scenario and there'd be a honeymoon period that would last probably one season. So it's possible IMO but not probable.

When I watch Brady, I can't help but hear Bill Parcells in my head:
“You realize just how much work you have to go through just to get right back to where we are right now,” Parcells said. “Free agency. The draft. Voluntary workouts. Training camp. Sixteen games. All of it. Just to get right back to where we’re standing.”
“Winning never feels as good as losing feels lousy.”
Maybe that's where Tom is. Who knows? Just trying to get one more fix.

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Brady is only going to a team a QB short of being a strong Super Bowl contender. He isn't going to come back to a team that has no legitimate OC, weak receiving talent, and a crappy o-line.

And Belichick is not going to make it look like he made a mistake for not trying to keep Brady three years ago.


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Even if he was thinking about it no way Brady is coming back here with the offensive coaching staff in the shape it's in.

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I put this in the other forum regarding possible landing spots for Brady in 2023...

23% starting for Las Vegas
22% starting for San Francisco
20% returning to Tampa Bay
13% starting for Tennessee
12% retiring
5% returning to New England
3% starting for New Orleans
2% starting for Detroit

LeBron did return to Cleveland after that once seemed impossible. Drawbacks from Brady's point of view would be returning to NE weather, the changes to the offense (including the impossible to imagine collaboration of Brady and Patricia), and the distance it would put between Brady and his kids (fresh off the divorce).

My preference is Brady going to SF because he could win another Super Bowl there for sure. And right away. But returning to NE would be the most fun and the hype would be unprecedented. The team, the locker room, ownership, the fans, the media... everyone should love the idea.

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