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JC Jackson thinks Pats secondary can match with any receivers in the NFL

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All good corners have a little bit of this in them, because if you get beat you can't start playing tentative or it'll just spiral and get worse. That was Kyle Arrington's problem. When things were going well he was a pretty good corner, had some great games especially in the slot pre-Jonathan Jones. But once guys made a couple catches on him, he'd either get too soft or press too much and then it would be like watching an Arrington low-lights video for the rest of the game. Jackson may not be a Revis/Gilmore/prime Sherman level of #1 corner, but no doubt he has the short memory of one.


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Then un-proved it vs Houston.

Yep; this is where the pudding is tasted.
I was thinking the same thing.

Though to be fair to the secondary the Texans did have 3 4th down conversions in situation where you wouldn't normally go for it. And then did manage to blank for almost the entirety of the 2nd half, excepting the TD on a short field right after half time.


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Not really, it was rainy and stuff Texans lit them up.
We'll see. It could turn out to be inconsistency. Especially in this era, rain doesn't nullify a passing game all on its own.


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The rain was a factor. Pats defense played well enough. But to me the bigger factor was just being a weird game for Brady and for both teams. I don't think any player on that field experienced anything like that before with that kind of emotion and a playoff like atmosphere in a non conference week 4 game. Maybe Brady was pressing a bit. There's a reason why - when he had all the reason in the world to say the opposite - he said afterward that the Patriots were his least favorite team to beat. That says it all to me.

The Pats were drained from it too. They weren't prepared for the next one and it showed.

I don't think we'll ever see a game like that ever again. That was one for the books. Glad it's done.

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As long as he backs it up. I remember in the 2019 opener he basicallly scoffed at the notion that Juju Smith Shuster was a #1 WR , which he was absolutely right about. And they did beat them down that game, but just seemed like an abnormal comment from the Patriots camp going into a game.


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He seems to be trying to show leadership. It's great to see because DMac isn't getting younger and Gilmore is gone.

Agree completely. And finding the unit leaders is one of the big challenges for this team over the next year or two. They have some in place, but there is still plenty of work to do.

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