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Player Signing Jabrill Peppers signs with N.E.

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Jabrill Peppers visits the Pats. Noted for a Safety, he is actually a high-brid OLB

"Jabrill Peppers had a career year in 2020. He totaled career-highs with 91 combined tackles, 8 tackles for loss, 2.5 sacks, and 11 passes defended. Jabrill also added 1 interception and 1 forced fumble.

In his rookie season with the Browns, Jabrill Peppers was playing mostly free safety in Cleveland’s defense that frequently utilized single-high safety. This did not exactly fit Peppers’s skill set, as he is more of a downhill thumper that thrives as a linebacker. That is the role he started playing full-time for the Giants in 2020.

In 2020, the majority of Jabrill Peppers’s snaps came in the box (383 snaps). He only played 143 snaps as a free safety (PFF). Many of Jabrill’s snaps came lined up as a linebacker in the Giants’ speedy zone-coverage heavy defense".

Jabrill Peppers continued to play a lot of linebacker for Joe Judge who is now with the Pats.

4.46 speed and can cover. The OLB with speed we need. Only 26 and a first round pick of the Browns. Traded to the Giants as part of the OBJ trade. Cut because of CAP this winter. 6'1" (maybe 5'11") and 216lbs. Small for a NE LB but only 5 LBS less than Darius Leonard. The trend for new age NFL LB.....speed and quickness.

I think I'd be all in on this one.
DW Toys

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This guy is a lot like Duggar, maybe a tad slower and smaller. Patriots need a free safety to take over for McCourty. Good insurance for injury


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Some 2020 highlights of Peppers, including a few PBUs of Tommy Boy. I don't think he was as good in 2021 though. COuld be a really big addition to the D.

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this is just BB doing his homework in case the need arises later in the season.


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I like the idea of getting bigger/stronger on the line and faster on the second level. I'm not too familiar with guys from other teams, but he sounds like a good fit.


In the Starting Line-Up
Peppers is one of those guys that seems to have been tied to the Pats since day 1. Bill couldn’t afford him so he went out and snagged him a Phillips & Duggar. One of those 2 is bound to get hurt at some point & Judge has some first hand knowledge of the man and the player, so it just makes all of the sense in the world. Peppers isn’t an All-Star by any means, but he is easily one of those cats that Bill brings in and they find a way to utilize him and help him create play opportunities. As Power stated, these are going to be the type of visits we see heading into the draft. Fill out the roster with low cost, high upside players in areas of need so that you draft BPA. It’s the throw spaghetti at the wall phase. :evil: