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Is Steve Belichick part of the problem on defense?

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Yeah let’s dissect the defense’s inability to get off the field versus the Cowboys….

The first drive of the game ended in a four and out… the Pats D stopped them on 4th down.

The Cowboys third drive ended with a Kyle Duggar interception.

The subsequent Cowboys drive only happened because Mac got blown up and fumbled, the defense still held them to a field goal.

The next play the Pats offense failed, waited until the play clock had run low and rushed the punt unit out there when they determined going for it on fourth down was too risky. The punt unit had no time and didn’t get blocking in place… the punt was blocked.

The next Cowboys drive ended in an incredible play by Bentley punching the ball out of Dak’s hands as he stretched across the goal. The blocked punt crisis averted.

End of first half… the offense lost its nerve with 1:30 on the clock. That was two turnovers by the Patriot offense before the half and a wasted possession they could have at least gotten into field goal range.

Start of second half you forgot to mention the Patriot offense came out and punted on three straight possessions. 3 plays/punt, 3 plays/punt, 5 plays/punt… you don’t think the Pat’s D was not only getting physically tired here but mentally tired watching their offense flounder as they only allowed one Cowboy TD and FG on those subsequent three drives?

The Pats offense finally put together a time consuming drive on their fourth possession of the second half allowing the D time to rest and regroup. The next Cowboy possession the D held them to a long field goal which was missed.

The next offensive series for the Patriots ended in a pick six for Dallas… as much as we’d like to blame our defense they were on the sideline at that moment. Third turnover for the offense.

Mac came out and proved his mental and physical toughness (arm strength and accuracy) by throwing a great deep ball to Bourne. Our defense followed up by holding the Cowboys to another long field goal.

With the game on the line, having won the coin toss the offense had a chance to salvage their three turnover game with one last game winning drive… they punted instead and put the 2nd highest scoring offense back on the field against a defense that spent 3/4’s of an overtime game on the field because of failed Patriot drives and turnovers.

I’m not saying the defense was perfect or can’t improve, but they were the reason that game wasn’t a complete blowout. The defense is miles ahead of the offense and improving. The offense up until the Jet’s game was mistake prone, causing untimely penalties, missed blocks, dropped passes, turnovers… you can’t turn the ball over three times to one of the best teams and offenses in the league and expect your defense to pitch a shutout… with all due respect… clueless.

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Just found this - Steve Belichick is apparently dressing up as Buzz Lightyear this year with his family for Halloween:

Say what you want and Belichicks and coaching, but you can't say they're blind.

If it were me, I woulda gone with Woody.
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