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If we don't win the SB the season was RIGGED

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Oct 2nd
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PatsFanInVa Supporter Supporter
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
The very unfair rigged Super Bowl in 2008 was just the last act of the un commissioner of the NFL's campaign to rig the game and every other game the Patriots lost ever. I was all ready for the Patriots to win that game, frankly we DID win that game. We won EVERY OTHER game that season, give me a break, there's just no way. Then a very suspicious and dramatic scoring of "points" in the fourth quarter gave the win to the Giants, even though usually the Patriots get the very late dramatic points. We are the most persecuted team in the NFL, stealing our draft picks, unroughereeing to the Giants' benefit, very unfair like nobody has ever seen. Ddon't believe anything else you read and I'll tell you, if we don't win the Super Bowl this year the season was rigged there's just no way.

Unless you want the Patriots to lose the Super Bowl or not even make it this year you need the courage to stand up NOW and stop any other outcome by believing very hard in the previous paragraph, or you're a PFINO.

I look forward to a Training Camp Like Nobody's Ever Seen Before, a preseason we're going to win every game or it's rigged, and Mac Jones winning MVP. Nobody's ever seen anything like him, never lost a super bowl. If he sucks check his jersey for bamboo fibers, he's a replicant.

billdog3484 Supporter Supporter
Oh this game is about this one. Patriots didnt lose the Super Bowl. The winner of the super bowl isnt who wins that game but actually will now be defined as the team that won the most games during the season, not the last game.

PatsFanInVa Supporter Supporter
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
It was the 2007 Super Bowl, not 2008.

I knew what the poster meant, but it's the Super Bowl is always referenced by when the season started, not when it's played.
The poster did know that the Super Bowl in 2008 followed the 2007 regular season. It's not "always" referenced that way, but it is often -- and always incorrectly -- referenced that way.

Unless this is some kind of "looking-for-the-German-spy" thing where he explains the infield fly rule perfectly and they shoot him because he didn't stumble once and say "no I mean unless..." and they figure he knew too much for a casual fan


In the Starting Line-Up
Great day for the Patriots in training camp today. More people there than any other training camp, ever really. Probably two million people. Great crowd, special people. Not like the fans down in Atlanta, where Arthur Blankmind, I call him Blankmind, doesn't know what he's doing. Those are some evil, evil people down there. Bad dudes. Big fan of crooked Hillary, that guy, Blankmind. And has anyone seen her lately? Nope. She's a loser, a sore loser. Oughta be locked up, am I right? What are they doing down in Atlanta anyway? Can't trust any of them. So much cheating in Atlanta. They need to investigate it.
Nice practice. Team looks great. And nobody understands football better than me. Many people say I'm a football genius. I probably should have coached - I'd be a terrific coach. We'd never lose a game. They'd rename the Lombardi Trophy after me. Imagine me as coach of the Patriots? Who is more of a Patriot than me? Sure, Belichick, great guy. Smart. Respectful. He's done a good job. But 10 years without a title? With Tom Brady? I would have won probably eight titles in that stretch. Maybe all 10.
And nice kid that Tom Brady. Shame he left. I said Tom, why not stay with Bill? Why not be a Patriot? What's wrong with being a Patriot? But he left. That's OK. He did alright in Tampa. He's a winner. Smart, he understands things.
But this new kid, he's going to be good, let me tell you. I like his looks. Right out of central casting for a quarterback. This is what a great quarterback is supposed to look like. Listen, New England, you are going to love this kid. "Mac Jones" - good name. That's an American name.


Hall of Fame Poster
"frankly we did" made me say oh. lol

Hey if you add all the numbers in 2008 you get 10 which is Mac Jones number and the last number is Cam's TD passes in 2020. Predetermined o_O