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Idle thoughts - the final edition

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Sep 12th

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Sorry to hear ur hanging up the pen Ken. Thank you for all ur insights over the years. All the best to you.

Friendly Lurker

Mack Herron

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Hey Ken--Thanks for taking more initiative than the rest of us! Much appreciated. And remember--you can change your mind any time. Perhaps a few more wins will suffice.


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>>I feel like newspapers today with dwindling interest and readership

Newspapers dwindling interest and readership is due to lack of content, which definitely isn't an issue with Ken. It takes longer to read Ken's column than the local daily rag.
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Another (mostly) lurker heard from here.
You lured me out of lurk-dom to express how much I looked forward to reading your write ups. I decided circa about 07 with camera gate to stop reading most m.s.m. about the Pats, and your writing has always been one of the few pure, real football things I enjoyed reading.
Thank you for your labors of love over the years and I wish you well. If it helps, I'll throw my begging into the ring for you to consider at least some future synopses??? Withdrawal is a *****!:D


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I recall reading an article during the Red Sox 2004 post season, probably after that incredible job beating the Yankees after being down 0-3. The author was Bill Simmons. While I don't tend to read him too much lately, he captured and expressed the true feeling of what most of us fans experienced in a most profound and insightful way. You could feel the true joy and fan coming through.

PFK, you tend to do much the same thing. But, you also add a blend on capturing some X's & O's while bringing thoughts to us here in a way that expresses better what we are thinking and/or feeling.

Thanks for everything and look forward to your articulate and insightful comments, even if a couple days late or in other threads.


Thanks Ken. I rarely post here, but I always keep coming back because of your analysis and insights. It won't be the same without them. You bring a level of professionalism to this board that's unmatched. Good on ya, and thanks!


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Ken, it's pretty unanimous the enjoyment we all received from your well written observations of Patriots football games. I know how long your columns take because I used to do something similar in another setting, but it definitely wasn't anywhere the quality and depth you churned out each week. May your keyboard reside in the "" Hall of Fame, First Ballot...looking forward to your future comments and observations on future Board Topics.


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I come to this board because I like to watch the Patriots and football in general, and moreover to learn about the science and the art of football. This board has been the best place I have found to learn about that, and you have been by far the best teacher on football on this board.

I don't think I've missed one of your "Idle Thoughts" over the years, it was always something I looked forward to after each game.

However, I'm sure it has been a burden to feel like (based on the high expectations you routinely set) everyone was waiting on your "Idle Thoughts" right after the games. I'm certainly not sure if I would be staying up until 3:00 am (as you did routinely) posting something that I wasn't being paid for for a message board, you were anything but "Idle".

Nevertheless, I look forward to hearing your thoughts in different venues on this board, perhaps you can now truly occasionally post your "idle" thoughts only when you feel the motivation and need to post them, with no burdensome expectations.

Either way, thanks for being the best teacher on this board, I hope to learn more about the science and art of football from you in the future.

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Me too! Pat Franken....for years! Shows you what a complete maroon I am...and to think I was the only one with this dyslexic brain cramp...what's hilarious is I was so proud of myself when I realized "hey, he's Patfan Ken!". I actually tried to call him up years back during the summer to see if he was going to camp. I knew he lived in the area so I did a google search for all Fanken's in the 617 area code. Heh, I got one hit for a Melanie Funken in Boston and an Elwood Finken in Fankens.A few years later I finally had my epiphany...all this time thinking I was the sole contestant on "Who Wants To Be A Moron". Thank you for this excruciating admission brother Adam and take heart..there's strength in numbers!


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Ken -

You Da Guru!

Thank you very much for the detailed insights and the education that you provided for the more-ignorant fans like me. Your selfless service for the last so many years has gained the respect and admiration of all of us.

As most above mentioned, yours was one of the must-read threads that I eagerly wait for after every game we play. Going to miss this. :(

Thank you Ken.

PS 1: Maybe consider a semi-retirement that will allow you to post briefly after important games? :)

PS 2: May I treat you to a lunch or drink when I come up there?


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@patfanken Thanks for your weekly column over the years! This is far more insight than you get from anywhere else on the net, and this is only going by the television view like us. Very impressive!!! If you ever get the urge to want to write these again, perhaps you'll consider a monthly version and not feel the pressure to churn them out after each game. If you decide to just retire the column, though, I understand and thanks again.


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I decided I will pick this up next season. Instead of Idle Thoughts I will call it Idol Thoughts to be composed by a panel of quasi celebrities. I just need the equivalent of a drunken Paula Abdul, a snarky Brit, some guy who may not have any qualifications but says “dog” a lot, and then someone who gets replaced each season. I will play the role of Ryan Seacrest because I heard he got really rich off that tripe.

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I would hope you change your mind and come back, but I know that's a purely selfish wish on my part.

I deeply appreciate all you have done, Ken, and regardless of your decision, I hope fore nothing but the best for you and yours. You have made a great impact here, and for that, you have my thanks, for whatever that might be worth.


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