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Third String But Playing on Special Teams
Time really slows down when you're on the field. I can describe in detail certain plays I was involved in that were split seconds in real time, but felt like minutes when they happened. I don't know how else to explain it. Jules was seeing that ball, in real time, the same way we watch that hightlight in slow motion.

That's how he made that catch.

Tony2046 Supporter Supporter
2019 Weekly Picks Winner
I dunno maybe you have a better memory than me.


Troy Brown - creates a fumble. ( I don't have to mention which game)

Troy Brown - over the middle giving someone goosebumps. (Don't have to mention which game)

Lafell - catches a dime and maybe one of Brady's top ten throws of his career.

Edelman- Td throw to Amendola.

Vinatieri -. Snow kick

Hightower - the strip sack. Wow

Hightower - the Lynch tackle at the half yard line.

Willie's Colts tackle



So many....