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Sep 12th

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Third String But Playing on Special Teams
The Pats have been doing work with regards to overhauling this roster. So lets take a look at what we have on the roster right now, and where our holes still are. This is my personal opinion on how things look right now, so it holds no more weight than the gas station attendant down the street. Love for anyone to share their thoughts on where I am missing something. Anyways....
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(The number in parentheses is how many players I see on the current roster that have legit chances of being on the active roster)

QB(2) - C. Newton, J. Stidham
- Shocking news of the century here, this is still the biggest hole on the roster. I personally feel that if we go into the season with Cam as the starter, he will be better than last year, but that is not what we need. This offseason has seemed to built on the premise of "Win Now". If Cam is your QB, it is more "Lets Win What We Can". Think Stidham is on the roster as backup either way

RB(5) - D. Harris, S. Michel, J. White, J. Taylor, B. Bolden
- Pretty solid group of backs here. Don't see any real holes, but could absolutely see the team drafting a RB at some point to either compete with Michel as the #2 or Taylor as the depth.

FB(2) - J. Johnson, D. Vitale
- Camp battle here, may the best man win.

WR(6) - N. Agholor, K. Bourne, J. Edelman, J. Meyers, N. Harry, G. Olszewski
- Still tons of uncertainty with this group. Agholor, Bourne and Meyers are locked in. Is Edelman healthy, and can we find a trade partner for Harry. If not Harry is back on the roster, to the dismay of many I'm afraid. Do not think they will outright cut him, but that is just me. Depending on the drafting a QB scenario, could see an early pick going towards a WR.

TE(4) - J. Smith, H. Henry, D. Asiasi, D. Keene
- Funny how much things can change in a year. Will all 4 stick???? Can Keene provide some fullback reps???

OL(8) - D. Andrews, I. Wynn, T. Brown, M. Onwenu, S. Mason, T. Karras, J. Herron, Y. Cajuste
- Solid, Solid group here, health permitting. Think we will definitely add an OL or two in the draft to compete at the back end of this group.

Weak Spots
1. QB
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2. Need to cleanup the WR situation a bit.

Other than that, personally, I can see this team going into week 1 (obviously depending on health) with this RB, TE, and OL group as is. Hopefully upgrade QB and WR a bit and I think were a true contender. We might be without, but I think we firmly plant ourselves in the conversation with those upgrades.

Ok, bash away.....
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If we have 2 QB on the active roster, It can't be Newton and Stidham. No way. If we draft a rookie i think Stidham might be on the block. Still on the rookie contract but if we select a rookie high, I can't see Stidham on the roster and I am not so sure if he wants to go to PS. Pretty much agree on the rest. I think Cajuste may have a hard way to make the team esp if we bring back JE or draft an OT. Couldn't stay healthy for 2 years and reports were more negative than positive on his performance in the short amount of time given his injuries it's understandable but as O-Line Backups we need reliable guys who are not as injurie prone. Vitale could be a Cut if Johnson beats him out. Also I can see Harry even if not traded, if one of our last year PS WR idk the names of them all or rookies beat out Harry i think the chance are not low he doesn't make the team. Would like to keep Keene as fourth TE/FB flex player but idk maybe for him it's one game Roster one game PS depending on injuries/opposing team idk.

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Drafting a QB high in this draft will do the Pats no good this season.
Of course it will it will put the worst QBs in the nfl on the bench where he can’t lose games for us. And beyond that we need a an next year too


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
Also, this is not what I think our roster will ultimately be. These were the guys I saw on the current roster that I think for one reason or another have a shot at a roster spot. Agree on Cajuste, think he will have to beat out a rookie for an active roster spot.


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with the addition of 2 really good TE, the WR position is less of a concern. I see more 2 TE sets that 3 WRs

agreed that with the 2 te’s , the offense can still thrive with these wr’s as long as we have we have the legit deep threat. agholor should hopefully keep teams from clogging the intermediate routes like the jets in 2010. otherwise the 2 te set could be tough to stop. of course need a qb to make it all work though. and wouldn’t mind one more burner like a byrd or other cheap option.

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The best asset for this offense is our defense. This is not an offense that will be scoring freely so we’ll need the defense to keep the games tight. It’s an improving offense on last year but that’s about it. I do like the two TE strategy though especially in that it will help the running game.