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Funniest Moment in Patriots History?

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This one's gotta be up there... from 2010... go Dan! Go!!! :D

Collinsworth made that even better lol

"oh you gotta be kidding me"

"look at the big guy with the move he's going to cut back! That is the loaf of bread carry! hahahaha"


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Zeke Mowatt stroking his junk in front of Lisa Olson and Victor Kiam's ensuing "classic b i t c h" commentary takes the cake


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Week 7 Pats @ Dolphins 2007

Dunno about anyone else but I thought it was hilarious hearing the commentary with their jaws on the floor at what they were watching.

Greatest team of all time regardless of what happened in the last game.


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The Idiot Colts kicker Vanderjack motioning to the NE sideline with the money in the bank sign before kicking the game winner and then missing.

Wilforks almost TD fumble return. After, he said "One of those small fast guys caught me"

Wilfork, a Florida guy was asked about his thoughts on the New England Patriots drafting him and the frigid weather. Vince said "Ive seen guys playing up there on TV. Smoke was coming out of their mouths"

Bryan Cox talking so much junk.