Former Pats TE Jermaine Wiggins "97% Chance Gronk Returns later this year"

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Sep 20th

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Ex-Patriots TE insists Rob Gronkowski will return to team

Lets hope he is right... I think certain factors might bring him back such as the team getting decimated at TE,The team having issues in the run game by losing Gronk as an extra body and the team having a less than normal record midway thru the season.

Although we know that he has lost some weight and would have to regain his normal playing weight.


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Unpopular opinion but I've moved on from Gronk on the Pats and am looking forward to the next generation making their mark.


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I was leaning towards this is great news
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BB seems like an "all in" or "nothing" type of coach. Doesn't seem like something he'd go for. That said, I'm all for it.


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If anything, this shows that Jermaine took one too many hits to the head. If you have seen Gronk, he ain't coming back. He might be in a porn movie but not on an NFL field.


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Belichick must have called into 96.9 for a second date update because Gronkowski wasn’t calling him back.


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I was at a work golf event 2 weeks ago and Wiggins was there as the celebrity guest and he was saying Gronk would return. Granted we all had a few beers. So maybe he had a few more today.
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