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Take it for what it’s worth

B/R's Mike Freeman: Sources Believe Rob Gronkowski Will Rejoin Patriots
"Former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski made a public appearance recently and said he was done with football. What I can tell you is few people, including sources on the Patriots, believe that. The belief is that once the season gets going, and Gronkowski starts missing football, he will rejoin the team. It's not just a hunch, sources say; you can count on it."
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A few years ago when I was using B/R actively Mike Freeman was a hack. Not sure about now but I don't think he has sources with the Patriots...


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Would be great, but you certainly can't plan on it.
Especially if he is not preparing his body for an NFL season.
"The belief is once the season gets going Gronkowski will start to miss football." I don't know - does he seem like a lonely guy?
How much more can someone enjoy life?


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Not sure about Freeman himself but I have never put a ton of stock into what Bleacher Report says. I still think there’s a strong chance Gronk comes back and I’m hoping this one is true.


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All of these assumptions are based entirely on hoping that Gronk changes his mind because as of now he feels he’s done.


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He’s not coming back. Why the hell would he? His personal brand is as strong as it ever was and he’s clearly enjoying retirement.


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He’s not coming back. Why the hell would he? His personal brand is as strong as it ever was and he’s clearly enjoying retirement.
He is done.

The only reasons he would return are:

-Other promotional/revenue-generating opportunities he is angling dry up
-He suddenly becomes irrelevant and his own ego can't handle it
-He is completely healthy
-He misses football, the team, TB12, etc/wants to win, still has the passion, etc

I'd put a 10% chance of likelihood on all of those and I doubt any of those change between now and Nov or whenever.

I'm assuming he is filing his retirement papers soon?


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I keep my initial prediction that it's a year off. If he feels completely healthy next year there's a chance he comes back for a 2 year deal worth of 20Mi and closes the chapter with Brady and Edelman.

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I think he has turned the page, doesn't need the money, doesn't need the pain, and doesn't have such a huge ego to need to compile more stats. He's done. And that's fine. He has a life to live and doesn't need more car wrecks for his body.
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He's NOT coming back. Get over it. What more do you need to hear. He has stated it in a compelling manner SEVERAL times. Quotes from multiple sources among is entourage have said it. Then you hear about a possible impending back procedure, PLUS if you just took a look at him from the charity event this week, he looks like he's already dropped about 25 lbs of muscle this off season. He looks positively skinny. So it's not just what you are hearing, you have to consider what you SEE!

If you want to dream about Gronk coming back, you'd be better off hoping for a 2020 reunion than one happening THIS season, because that ship has sailed.
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