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Filling Needs With Draft - Three Rookie Contributors Would Be Great

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mgteich Veteran Supporter
1) We can't hit with all the picks.

2) 3 who contribute al lot in their rookie years is GREAT. That was the case in 2021 when we had 4 picks in the first 3 rounds.

3) We also hope for draft choice who might contribute in the future. In 2021 we got 3: Perkins, McGrone and Bledsoe.

4) Contrary to public opinion, Belichick does target specific positions, knowing that not all will be drafted. In 2021, I would think he targeted QB, DL, LB and RB. The draft was GREAT because he met all these needs, two with future prospects (Perkins and McGrone).
My BOTTOM LINE is that, after our trading around, we can reasonably hope for THREE 2022 contributors if we have a GREAT draft. I suspect that our targets will be CB, DE and OG. I suppose that a 4th round RB or WR is possible. Obviously, we will take long shots on almost anyone on our draft board in the 5th round onward.

Ochmed Jones

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We have a significant group of recent nfl defensive draft picks that had a red shirt year in 2021.

Jennings, McMillon, mcglone, Perkins and Bledsoe to name a few.

In addition, even j jones and uche spent time on the ir in 2021.

In 2022 if get contributors from even half these defensive guys (hopefully more than half contribute) plus contributions from a few high draft picks and our defense should be just as good as 2021, provided the new draft picks help out at corner, pass rush and linebacker.

Add one good wide receiver, two guards and some second year leaps we are definitely better on offense in 2022 versus 2021.


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Repeating last years draft of getting 3 rookies to make a pretty significant impact is a lot to ask. If it happens again, I will be convinced changes had been made on the draft process and Bill is listening to his staff more.

WR, CB and front 7 player are my requests for rookies to make an impact from the draft.

DarrylS Supporter Supporter
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Do not despair, what you see now will be somewhat different than what you will see come September..