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Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post is a nutjob

Current Patriots Twitter Feed:


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Can we use this strategy to get brown or bell from the steelers?


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Can we use this strategy to get brown or bell from the steelers?

Hmmmmmmm.......Belichick is always thinking of every angle for the future.........that Roethlisberger might make a decent #3 QB behind Garropolo.......


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So did our Dark Lord also make sure Blount brought the Steelers playbook with him?

Because that will be the next accusation from these lot when we spank them in the playoffs.


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I don't think anyone wants Roethlisberger behind them.

There's a couple people in the comments section of that article posting the old "The league destroyed the tapes" claim as if the only possible explanation is that was part of a cover-up to help the Patriots.

I wonder what those fans have to say about the security camera footage from Roethlisberger's rape case conveniently being eraseded just before the police were going to review it. By their standards, that must mean there is no doubt he committed that crime. Somehow, I'm sure Steelers fans could come up with alternative explanations to excuse their hero and never see the double standard they are applying.