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Drew Bledsoe: "Give Cam Newton a Full Year"

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Oct 31st

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As was mentioned by others many times...Cam was probably signed to attract WR's...Agholor and Bourne. Mission accomplished.

This is where we go from healthy discussion to bizarre cultish revisionism.

Why would signing a bottom of the barrel, 8 TD quarterback attract free agent talent based on the quarterback situation? The team still had to outbid everyone else nad pay them top market deals.

It’s okay…there was no master plan. Cam wasn’t the answer. The Patriots approached each situation with common sense. Cam was a low-risk bargain with a (mostly) non-binding contract. He wasn’t a shiny attraction to get free agents to come here; if FAs have stated that, it’s only because that’s what every WR will claim, of course.

Let’s be glad Bill found a promising new starter, but we don’t have to go crazy and turn the Cam signing into some kind of masterstroke.


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
Brady was working out in Tampa in the spring breaking covid quarantine, throwing to new teammates, and walking in on random Tampa neighbor's houses, while Cam didn't even get into Foxboro until early August'20.
Oh give me a break...


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If he's already had the Wu, then why should he need to be vaccinated?

Per the NFL protocols it screwed him out of a week during which time Mac won the job. he had no choice.

Pretty hard to defend Cam when it was a totally self inflicted thing here to lose one of the most important weeks of the preseason.


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Mac was and is the better QB. Get over it

Oh I'm already over it. Cam being gone for a week was the nail in the coffin after Mac seized his chance. It is what it is. Now don't go overboard on the Mac expectations because it's now a developmental year, the Pats making the playoffs will have been a good season.