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DRAFT Dalton Keene

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Big-time versatility. Line up in the backfield, slot, inline - detached, a wide. Luv is versatility.

Big Time blocker. Love his effort, toughness, wants to get dirty initiate contact. Could be a big-time blocker and space in both the Run and pass game. Think screens

Luv is acceleration and speed doesn't seem to lose any speed what is making a catch. Love his quicks and speed.

He's going to be a problem in space forgot to keep up with.

I like his hands even though there's not a ton of tape with him making tough catches. Seems like a natural catcher though.

Has to gain some weight to stay inline more than a rotation player along the line of scrimmage. Definitely has what it takes how's the nasty, toughness. Just asked to get a little stronger to square up and sustained his block.

I love this pick. Very high on the PTP board. Big time potential. Underutilized.


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Either Ryan Izzo, Matt LaCosse, or both will not be making this team. With all due respect to them as people, I am very glad to see their spots on the depth chart replaced.


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“Way to go on the Asiasi and Keene selections, bud...and here’s an extra for screwing over the Jets.”

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It's a Gronk/Hernandez style double dip at the position. 2 big, athletic TE's who can make a catch and more than solid blockers.

Good retooling of one of the biggest needs heading into the draft.

Love it.

Let's hope it's more GRONK + Prisoner than Thomas + Mills. :)


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I really wanted a FB/TE combo. Anyone reading my post recently has seen that. Both of these guys have the body type, blocking ability and rec ability to be that guy in pinches coming out the backfield. Not full time but those leak/delayed routes are killers for defenses to cover when TE are inline. Coming out the backfield on dummy blocks, soft blocks make it even harder. And we've seen how both get going in a hurry. I like the versatility both these prospects bring.

Both have experience in different positions and have been underutilized. Most TE are. So we have a nice double dip here. Like we should see immediate returns next year. Both guys will be seeing a lot of playing time by years end. 3 down players. They're talented than the next guy for sure.

Value is there for me. 3rd on Asiasi. High 4th on Keene and again I wish I had a higher # but it is what it is. Both guys were high on the PTP board. Hit 4/5 there.


Gator Mike

Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

Dalton Keene
6-4, 253 lbs
32 1/4" arms, 9 3/4" hands
34" vertical jump, 125" broad jump
4.71 40-yard dash, 7.07 3-cone, 4.19 short shuttle, 21 bench reps

TJ Hockenson
6-4 3/4, 251 lbs
32 1/4" arms, 9 1/2" hands
37 1/2" vertical jump, 123" broad jump
4.70 40-yard dash, 7.02 3-cone, 4.18 short shuttle, 17 bench reps
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