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I was contacted this evening from the owner of a site of which copyrighted material was being cut and pasted here. I'm posting this to remind people that this practice is not permitted, and there will be penalties going forward if it happens again.

You'll first receive a warning, the next offense is an automatic 5-day suspension, with the second offense being your removal from the forums. I know this may seem harsh, but considering the fact that I'm the one who has to deal with it directly I'm hoping you understand the reason this is necessary.

Thank you all for your cooperation. Mods this will be a sticky once it runs its course and will be modified to further act as a reminder going forward.
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Paranoid Homer ex-moderator Supporter
This time of the year is when the draft starts getting under way. The Sporting News, Pro Football Weekly, Ourlads, ESPN,Kiper, and many others are paid subscription sites.

Some pay for those sites but it's not OK to post that info here just because you paid for it. Last year I was guilty last year of posting Pro Football Weekly's player rankings and insider info because I pay for their draft guide. I won't make that same mistake again.

It's really like paying one admission to the movies and them letting 5 of your buddies in the side door. I did do that last year with PFW so I'm not pointing my finger at anyone.

Now the Huddle Report and some others have free info on their site such as a value board and draft board by teams. I assume it's OK to post links to those areas as they get publicity and it's not giving out information from their paid membership sites.


Paranoid Homer ex-moderator Supporter
This should be
every once and a while as a reminder.

Or better yet, stickied!
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