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Celtics playoff run: drive for #18

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Sep 24th

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Hahaha, the guy that claims not to be obsessed with Brady creates a Brady thread on a Sunday at 4 am. That's hilarious.

You're not too bright. The thread is a parody re. Brady obsessives like yourself.

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None of the Celtics players had experience playing in a Final. It showed. This loss will help them grow and mature as a team. This is a talented group of young players. Because of this loss, they'll be back and win a Championship in the coming years .

I agree. But I think they need to find a big to replace Theis and Horford needs to be more part-time. Also they need at least one more contributor, who I hope is Pritchard and/or Nesmith. Both can shoot if they can mature. Udoka tried a Tatum and Pritchard pick-and-roll in Game 5 and it would have worked (to my surprise) except the moment was too big for Pritchard as he missed 4 or 5 wide open looks in a row. Nesmith looks amazing in Vegas but plays too fast when in a NBA game. I hope we can add a backup big to help Horford, and Pritchard/Nesmith continue to mature.


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Tatum's stardom has it's own timeline. Last year, everyone would deny he was a MVP candidate, and rightfully so. The year before that he was not considered the Celtic's conquering hero. I say next year he will be better and the year after better than the last. He will be a top 5 NBA player at some point.


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What the Celtics need is a true point guard. Smart is not it. They will need to look for one in either the draft and or trading for one. Also the bench disparity was huge. The warriors bench was loaded and way better. If Boston wants to get back they will need a solid 6th man player.

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